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Powertek SFC 2000 SFC 3000 SFC 4000 SFC 5000 SFC 6000
SFC series Frequency Converters 50-400Hz, 60-
Powertek SFC 2000  SFC 3000  SFC 4000  SFC 5000  SFC 6000


Models from 1KVA to 60KVA Convert 50Hz, 60 Hz or 400Hz in any combination Compact, quiet and simple to operate Voltage conversion, independent of load Frequency converter Excellent voltage regulation Fast acting over current protection

Powertek PA8332 and PA8334 Three Phase Power Quality Analyser
Three Phase Power Quality Analyser
Powertek PA8332 and PA8334 Three Phase Power Quality Analyser


*Neutral current *Crest factors for current and voltage *K factors for current (transformer application) *Power factor, displacement factor and tangent *Short term voltage flicker *Voltage and current unbalance *Total harmonic distortion

Powertek PA2200A Power Analyzer
Power Analyzer
Powertek PA2200A Power Analyzer


*500kHz Bandwidth with Harmonic analysis *Isolated inputs work with motor drives *Ability to analyse transient power events *Printer interface as standard with timed/ *manual printouts *Up to 10 readings/second *4 Chart recorder outputs (option)

Powertek SD1000 Phase Meter
Phase Meetr
Powertek SD1000 Phase Meter


*0.02º phase accuracy and 0.001º resolution *Fully isolated inputs *700 kHz frequency range *Accurate with noisy, distorted and non sinusoidal signals *Fully autoranging and easy to use *Voltage or current inputs

Powertek GP102A-PAV
Phase Angle Voltmeter
Powertek GP102A-PAV


*Measurement of system gain and phase angle *Supports external & internal excitation *Isolated inputs 500Vpk *USB-RS232 converter, RS232 serial interface and PC software utilities as standard *Measuring range 10uV to 500Vpk, Dc 2MHz


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